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Belanger Art Methods offers a wide range of arts-management and advisory services to private collectors. Whether a collection is new, old, small, or large, we develop and implement proven organizational methods that cater to the specific needs of our clients. As a collection represents not only a financial but a personal investment in the arts, our methods always emphasize the safe care and display of diverse materials from around the world.

The sum of our techniques is interdisciplinary and meets the criteria of the insurance, appraisal, and estate-planning fields. We are aware that the duties of overseeing a private collection are multivariate. Drawing from firsthand international experience in the industry, we custom-design each of our comprehensive arts-management plans from the outset to address the following five key aspects of collecting:

Collections management
Research, documentation, and publication
Permanent and temporary exhibitions
Museum loans, gifts, and donations
Art acquisition and liquidation

Our advisory services underscore a familiarity with the newest technologies available on the market. We work with the latest database technologies and can help identify the range of specialized technical services which may be required to safeguard a collection. Through regular networking with our colleagues in these satellite industries, we can help arrange the following services:

Conservation and restoration
Framing and mounting
Installation, lighting, and photography
Packing and shipping
Offsite and climate-controlled storage

Belanger Art Methods routinely manages time-sensitive projects and arranges special services, including appraisals, on an as-needed basis. We understand that a collection is, by nature, an ever-changing thing that requires constant attention. After years of routinely handling inquiries in museums, galleries, and auction houses, we strive to guide our clients through the daunting logistics of the art world using only the most efficient and expedient methods.

  Recent Project, Private Art Collection Management     Recent Project, Private Art Collection Management

Recent Project, Private Art Collection Management     Recent Project, Private Art Collection Management

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