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Belanger Art Methods is committed to providing the utmost caliber of arts-management and advisory services to corporations, trusts, and non-profit organizations. Whether a collection is at the point where it is being formed, inherited, absorbed, or liquidated, we tailor our organizational methods to meet the exact specifications of each of our corporate clients. We are ever-conscious that a collection represents a concerted financial investment, and our methods always emphasize the safe preservation and presentation of each work of art contained therein.

The scope of our corporate services is interdisciplinary and addresses a breadth of critical issues impacting the art market today. Drawing from firsthand international experience in the industry, we develop and implement museum-style organizational strategies aimed at efficiently managing the diverse responsibilities of the following five categories:

Collections management
Curatorial and provenance research
Exhibitions and educational planning
Publications, translation, and copy editing
Art acquisition and liquidation

Our comprehensive techniques are interdisciplinary and meet the criteria of the insurance, appraisal, and estate-planning fields. We custom-design our advisory services to complement these processes by recognizing the variety of specialized technical services required to safeguard a collection. We routinely interact with our colleagues in these satellite industries and can help facilitate the following services:

Conservation and restoration
Casework, framing, and mounting
Installation and lighting
Crating, packing, and shipping
Offsite and climate-controlled storage

Belanger Art Methods routinely oversees time-sensitive projects and arranges special services, including appraisals, on an as-needed basis. We are aware that the duties of administering a corporate collection are multivariate and intrinsically change over time. After years of routinely handling inquiries in museums, galleries, and auction houses, we endeavor to steer our corporate clientele through the diverse channels of the art world using only the most efficient and expedient methods.


Corporate Art Collection Planning

Corporate Art Collection Planning

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